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If you want to feed species appropriate food, we are here for you in Orange County!

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If you have ever considered serving RAW--Real and Wholesome--foods to your dog but feel you don't have the time, energy or know-how, let us prepare them for you in our kitchen and deliver them to yours. 
We offer a schedule of variety and packaging.

The benefits of a RAW diet include cleaner teeth, healthier gums, fresher breath, improved skin and shinier coat, increased energy, decreased body odor, and decreased waste.  
Semi moist foods are processed with a chemical that is a kin to anti-freeze.  Any food that contains preservatives--small doses of poisons--increases shelf life, but not your dog's life.  Due to extreme processing, kibble lacks the 70-75% natural moisture needed for proper digestion, and also lacks palatability so then requires flavor enhancers. The extreme heat also destroys most of the nutritional goodness from the fresh food that is pictured on the package, and so then requires additives.  Thus the nutritional analysis may not reflect digestible ingredients that are found in real food.

Our meals contain 75% muscle/organ/boney meats and 25% vegetable/fruit/herbs--these are the only foods canines eat naturally in the wild; the foods they are designed to eat.  There are no top secret formulas to a good species appropriate diet.  Wolves and their close relatives have thrived for generations, unlike our domestic canines (and felines), who have seen a increased decline in vibrant health since the introduction of "pet food." 

We are also happy to help you in your quest to prepare your own meals at home.

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