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The benefits of a RAW diet include cleaner teeth, healthier gums, fresher breath, improved skin and shinier coat, increased energy, decreased body odor, and decreased waste.  
Semi moist foods are processed with a chemical that is a kin to anti-freeze.  Any food that contains preservatives--small doses of poisons--increases shelf life, but not your dog's life.  Due to extreme processing, kibble lacks the 70-75% natural moisture needed for proper digestion, and also lacks palatability so then requires flavor enhancers. The extreme heat also destroys most of the nutritional goodness from the fresh food that is pictured on the package, and so then requires additives.  Thus the nutritional analysis may not reflect digestible ingredients that are found in real food.

WE have CLOSED our business due to my time restrictions and just hitting 60...those buckets were just getting too heavy. As it turns out, that was good timing on our part because we also lost access to the mixer/grinder. Ever since then I have been searching for someone who could take care of you. I think I have found them; they are Rawsome. After Michelle contacted me, we were emailing back and forth—I with dozens of questions and she with her answers. She shares our passion for getting all dogs off of killer kibble and wants to be able to offer raw food for an affordable price.  

Her words: “Our passion is to make Raw affordable and accessible to people so that people can get their dogs off of kibble. We believe there is no good kibble and that the essence of kibble is not species appropriate. We believe kibble plays a huge role in all of the health problems seen today in pets.
We will be offering Prey Model raw grinds that follow the 80/10/5/5 ratios, with some oily fish and eggs in addition to that. 
There will be grinds with mixed proteins, and also Whole prey grinds (whole rabbit, quail, duck etc.)
All our ingredients will be human grade and sourced from restaurant suppliers and local farms.
No preservatives, no fillers and no synthetic vitamins and minerals.”

Her product is, I think, going to be better than what we had in at least one way: she is being more consistent with the amount of organ meats. However, she will not be mixing the veggies with the meat products; that will be left to the pack leader. When I questioned this, she said she had found that there are dogs that are intolerant to most or all veggies. I asked about whole pieces, and she responded that it is something that she will do in the future.  

Anyway, one of her pick-up places will be in Huntington Beach. She looks forward to having a store front and delivery, but for the immediate future there will be pick up only.

Below you will find the link to her group. Click on the link and hopefully you will be asked to answer three questions. After you submit your answers, Michelle will okay you for the group, and you can look over her page.  


I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to recommend someone to all of you and your packs. Thanks again for the range of your interests—from simple inquiries to years of loyalty.

We are also happy to help you in your quest to prepare your own meals at home.

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