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Meat base*/Fish/Vegy Mix Or Dales Variety** /Fish/ Vegy Mix (shown w/ offal)
55% Meat base or Offal
25% fish; mackerel, sardines, or anchovies(fish is shown whole, but is ground coarsely with the beef)
25% veggie mix                                        
RAW for DOGS--Real and Wholesome Menu
Every species appropriate meal is prepared with care to ensure your dog is getting food that his body was created for.  Meals are varied over the course of the month to avoid food intolerance, and to provide the nutrition needed over the course of the month. 

Our ingredients include 75% muscle/organ/boney meats and 25% vegetable/fruits/herbs.  We never use any grains, soy, white potato, or nightshade vegetables.  Our veggie/fruit/herb mix includes seasonal produce.  Our meats vary with our recipe rotation which currently includes chicken, beef, fish, turkey, egg, Harmony Farms' Meat Mix, and Creston Valley's Dales' Variety.   Some meals include some whole parts that provide stimulation for biting and thinking. 

Package SizePer Pound

We are no longer in business, but are keeping this information here for your edification.

WE re referring everyone to a new Raw Food Champion, RAWSOME:


Pork/VegyMix/Egg or Duck/VegyMix/Egg or Meat base*/VegyMix/Egg (shown with pork)

all pork is frozen@ -0 degrees for a minimum of 7 days
75% meat base pork/egg and may include ground rib bone ( egg is shown whole, but is grown coarsely with the pork.
25% veggie mix 

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Did you know:
 ...your dog has the same gastrointestinal tract as a wolf? 
  Dogs' digestive tracts are much shorter than a human's and much much shorter than grazers'. The PH in a canine's stomach is 1 or 2 when digesting food.  A ph of 1 is like .4% Hydrochloric acid!
  These are the reasons why dogs can eat lots of things that would make you ill with no adverse reactions to them.

...your dog's jaw can only move up and down and not back and forth to grind up foods and her saliva has a very nuetral ph?
   A grazer like a cow or you, can grind food and start the digestion process in the mouth.  These two characteristics  break down grains, which explains why the grains fed to dogs wind up in your backyard.

...feces from natural fed dogs and cats is good compost, but that of kibble fed pets is known to actually kill plants?
    Because toxic additives, especially preservatives, are put into kibble, some of it passes into the feces and, being poison, does what it is intended to do: keep organisms from living.

...what is often labeled as an allergy is usually an intolerance?
    A true allergy causes an immediate reaction.  An intolerance, however, causes reactions over a long period of time--weeks, months or even years.

...poor behavior can also be brought about by poor diet?
    In a relatively new field of study, nutrigenomics, scientists are discovering that diet can not only affect skin, joints, weight, and cancer (to name a few), but can also influence behavior and cognition.

50% Meat base
25% turkey neck--left unground
​25% veggie mix                               
Meat base*/Turkey neck/VegyMix
Whole Chicken/Ground whole chicken-VegyMix
50%  ground whole dressed chicken and giblets
25% whole chicken parts; wings, necks or backs
25% veggie mix                                        .
*Meat base: Beef-chicken-turkey
Beef-chicken-turkey meat base 

**Dale's Variety   and Stomach Grass

  May contain chicken, beef, pork, goat, llama, turkey, rabbit, or many other meats.  It is the product from the end of the day run of a local plant that processes meat for human consumption.
 Stomach grass--smells like green tripe. WE use it as par of the veggie mix when we can get it.

100% Green Tripe                                        
We can sometimes get these products from Creston, We use it for variety.  You can also get the green tripe from greentripe.com. (This is a picture of Greentripe.com packaging)                        

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